Friday, March 15, 2013

Just How "MAD" is Mad??

           From the category of just how 'Mad' will March Madness be on the Road To Atlanta?
     What the What?  In certainly one of the most bizarre endings to a basketball game in recent memory; bubble-dweller Charlotte survived their opening round game of the Atlantic 10 Tourney against Richmond @ The Barclay's Center in Brooklyn.  The 49er's Pierria Henry shot 8 free throws in the last 4.7 seconds thanks to a total of three technical fouls.  The Spiders were fouling to prevent Charlotte from attempting the game-tying three pointers with a 63-60 lead.  Richmond lost the game 68-63.  Check out the last few confusing seconds here from NBC/SN:
     Let me know what you think...were the refs out of line...or was this simply horrible coaching at the end of the game by Richmond Head Coach Chris Mooney?

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bob676238 said...

I understand that it's the last five seconds of the game and you have to foul in order to maintain possession of the ball -- but geez! Does it have to call for three technical fouls? SHAME on Richmond and their coach for such behavior. They would have won had not they been so foolish. Kudos to Charlotte! What a game!